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Hi there y’all  (not sure if I’m talking to myself)
I’ve got a bunch of old tee shirts that I don’t need so I’m making Sahar some leggings/thin pants for layering on these cold cold days.i’m making them long enough so that he can wear them in the summer too. I discovered that size small T-shirts aren’t that useful for upcycling (duh!) since they don’t provide that much fabric.
I felt like I was squeezing a dry lemon.


I used two size small T-shirts but you can probably make this out of one large one, if you don’t want to colorblock.


I used a basic pants pattern I had and narrowed them a bit.
I put the black in front and the grey in the back. The front and back patterns are the same so you can decide what you like best.


I added black cuffs at the bottom and top of the pants

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anything looks cute on this little man…