שחור לבן

Three new baby girls were born in Nir’s extended family in the past few weeks, and for some reason his cousins get quite the satisfaction from keeping the gender a secret during the pregnancy, which means last-minute gift creating.

You may or may have not noticed that I have a slight obsetion for hats with ears, I also really adore baby bonnets, so when I came across this baby bonnet on Pinterest I was fixated on making something similar. when I found the PURL BEE WINTER BABY BONNET free pattern and tutorial, I was thrilled. I had to modify it in order for it to look like the bonnets I wanted, so I straightened the bottom line of the bonnet and cut of the ties, and instead I inserted jersey laces in the corners of the bonnet. I also inserted little lined ears in the seams of the outer bonnet.

אדום ורוד מנוקד

I used a super soft and fuzzy grey fleece for all of the outer bonnets (the same as I used for these).
For this first  lining  I used a super bright red and pink polka doted knit. Love it. 

אפור קורל

This second one has a coral and light grey striped knit lining.

חרדל פרחוני

This third bonnet is lined with a super cute floral musterd knit.

כל הכובעים

which bonnet is your favorite?



IMG_1336 copy

Hi there y’all  (not sure if I’m talking to myself)
I’ve got a bunch of old tee shirts that I don’t need so I’m making Sahar some leggings/thin pants for layering on these cold cold days.i’m making them long enough so that he can wear them in the summer too. I discovered that size small T-shirts aren’t that useful for upcycling (duh!) since they don’t provide that much fabric.
I felt like I was squeezing a dry lemon.


I used two size small T-shirts but you can probably make this out of one large one, if you don’t want to colorblock.


I used a basic pants pattern I had and narrowed them a bit.
I put the black in front and the grey in the back. The front and back patterns are the same so you can decide what you like best.


I added black cuffs at the bottom and top of the pants

IMG_1363 copy

anything looks cute on this little man…